In Xanadu did Kubla Khan  A stately pleasure-dome decree



You've all seen the Millennium Dome during the Y2K celebrations in London. If not, it's in the first ten minutes of the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough. It is the largest tensile structure in the world supported by cables. In the early 90's that was the only way to raise such a large indoor surface. Remy had contacted Birdair, the company that builds air-supported radomes housing radar dishes. Then he discovered the Hoberman sphere you see unfolding above and below.

A mixture of the two technologies would make the best Big Igloo. Like a circus tent, Big Igloo must be erected and struck down in a minimum amount of time and man power, collapsible into the smallest possible size to be hauled on a truck bed. The Hoberman Iris Dome would give the inflatable pneumatic envelop anchor, diminishing the number of pylons necessary to secure the fabric to the ground. 

- Lasertainment Sphere, Minneapolis -

Immersive Visualization


Bok Globule
Burning Man


These have been used successfully and in large numbers for storage, indoor sport arenas, tennis courts, etc... The innovations Big Igloo require are for its rapid transport and deployment to enable a different show in a different town every night. This will bring Big Igloo to a large number of communities around North America, no matter how remote from a metropolitan area.

"It's obvious the body is all electrical. Every little function that takes place has an electrical connection." ~ Earl Bakken

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