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This above chart is an old LED display on a Mind Mirror machine which is a biofeedback electronic device showing the user his or her brainwave activity in real time, much like the Orgasmatron in Woody Allen's Sleeper or the Excessive Machine in the cult movie Barbarella. An easy way to remember these names is by calling it DTAB, as in a restaurant tab, which stands for Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta.

Delta: 1-to-4-hertz range, sleep and some comas
Theta: 4-to-8-hertz, deeply relaxed and sleep
Alpha: 8-to-12-hertz, relaxed but awake
Beta: 12-to-30+hertz, awake norm

Masahiro Kahata has since perfected this technology with the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer or IBVA and made it affordable for Mac computers. It means you can now program a brainwave sequence and use it to guide other hardware through MIDI interface, something he has already started doing with popular rave artists. Check out Masahiro's website which has many more links and details on his work.

Both music and colors are split up into frequencies. Their spectrums can be split into octaves and harmonies, each synchronized with each other. Thanks to modern day computers and tunable lasers, this can be used for entertainment, and possibly enlightenment.

The Laserist magazine is the laser professional trade publication, and although they cover mainly animation innovation, since coming into contact with the Big Igloo Project, they have expressed interest in seeing the hardware and software developed for the exploitation of this medium. (continue...)

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