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From Remy:

I was seriously considering whether or not to put up a discography page for the Big Igloo Project for fear it might discriminate against other kinds of music people may or may not like. But there is such an extraordinary array of music out there today never getting radio airplay that it is impossible to find great new stuff unless you are deeply dedicated to tracking the progressive underground. So I changed my mind to make it into an interactive process.

MP3s may have facilitated sharing music files, but the quality is so poor, it's no substitute for real CDs. It also takes too long to download MP3s unless you have broadband. I don't have the patience. I do love streamline audio because I can sample something I'm curious about online. But a 15 seconds Amazon sample is often not long enough to get a good idea. It's long enough to know something doesn't do it for you, but not enough to know if you really like it or not.

The old fashion way of browsing through record stores who let you sample CDs before you buy them used to be the best way to discover new music. Now MySpace has become the place where everybody finds new talent. I will keep posting my faves below.

On this page I am simply going to list my favorite musicians, bands, composers, etc... and those who specialize in music used in the healing arts, making it easier for Big Igloo fans to identify members of the music industry already involved in the technologies Big Igloo plan to incorporate. If you have a list of recording artists you want me to listen to, send a CD or email me website addresses with audio files I can hear samples from: remyc (at)

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