In Xanadu did Kubla Khan  A stately pleasure-dome decree


The Kundalini tree of life is a part of Eastern mysticism. When Gurdjieff came to Europe in the 30's, he translated this knowledge into a form accessible to modern medicine and camouflaged the details in his book All & Everything. It has since been accepted that these physical sensations are in fact the root cause of our emotions, and can today be monitored by modern electronic devices. 

This energy field is called Biolelectromagnetism and its fluctuations can be witnessed in real time by Kirlian videography. 

The Endocrine System, in other words our glands, not only secrete hormones regulating our emotional make-up, but since for every chemical reaction there is an equal and opposite electrical reaction, one can trigger the other in a feedback loop mechanism. Something easily done through the proper synchronized use of music and light, as well as healing of course, since emotions are contagious. There is no better evidence for the interactivity of things. Remember the story of the butterfly wing triggering an earthquake? Once man realizes all his actions have repercussions, he'll learn the real meaning of civilization.

The charkas are in fact the bioelectromagnetic field blueprint emanating from our glands. These are charted in acupuncture and the Chinese study of CHI, our life force. The Tools For Exploration catalog sells a multitude of gadgets, toys, books, tapes and other educational information on this subject.

We sit in a sea of radiant energy coming from our sun, our earth and the cosmic universe all around us. Our bodies are finely tuned to this cocoon of electromagnetic flux. We are in fact homo electromagneticus. Each glandular systems in our bodies manages these waves and translates them into what the French call "Elan Vital". 

George Van Tassel, Howard Hughes's flight instructor, didn't have time to finish his Integratron before he died. Big Igloo wants to pick up where he left off. (continue...)

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