The Big Igloo Bibliography

This is in no way an extensive bibliography. In fact there are very few books on the topic available to the general public because the most interesting research is being done under a cloak of black budget secrecy for the development of non-lethal electromagnetic weapons. But what has trickled down over the years is enough to form a sufficient pool of resource material to start developing the hardware and software necessary to make Big Igloo possible. If you want to buy one or more of these titles, either new or used, just type the title you're looking for into the Amazon search window on your right. If you decide to contact the authors or publishers directly for copies, please mention you read about it on the Big Igloo pages. Thank you. Remy C.

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Recently discovered titles:

I've been really backlogged on updating this page with new titles, so until I can describe them in more depth I wanted to start a list: Amino Acid Metabolism by David A. Bender; Molecular Driving Forces by Ken Dill & Sarina Bromberg; Intermolecular and Surface Forces by Jacob N. Israelachvili; The Compass Of Pleasure by David J. Linden; Beyond Boundaries by Miguel Nicolelis; The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock; The Resonance Key by Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman; Biofeedback For The Brain by Paul G. Swingle; New Consciousness For A New World by Kingsley L. Dennis; Full Body Presence by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana; and Sonic Warfare by Steve Goodman. All deal with the topic at hand and are available at The Aquarium in Norwalk, CT.

The Spark of Life: Electricity in the Human Body
by Frances Ashcroft
The most amazing book on the subject yet, a standard bearer. It's taking me forever to read it because every chapter is a revelation of details that meld with everything else I've learned over the years, assimilating itself into the whole of the homoelectromagneticus experience. The author has also co-authored a text book, Ion Channels And Disease, sadly really pricey so I cannot yet own a copy, but available through inter-library loans, which isolate the chemistry of every ion channels in the body. W. W. Norton & Company 2012.

The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion
How Feelings Link the Brain, the Body, and the Sixth Sense
by Michael A. Jawer with Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.
"...asserting that anomalous perceptions can also be viewed through the lens of bodily feeling. Apparitions, poltergeist disturbances, telepathic impressions, ‘out of body’ experiences…these and other such reports are due to distortions in the way individuals process feeling. They are discernable patterns amenable to scientific inquiry. Consider that only recently has the study of emotion attained scientific respectability. At the same time, we have begun to shed light on such longstanding mysteries as synesthesia, chronic fatigue, and post-traumatic stress..." Park Street Press 2009.

The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy
by Cyndi Dale

The best compendium of energy medicine to date, from a scientific, metaphysical, engineering and electronic point of view. The book everyone should start with if they want to understand the bioelectromagnetic fields of the human body, and how they interact with all life around us. Sounds True 2009.

The Atlas of Mind, Body and Spirit
by Paul Hougham
With a forward by Gurdjieffian thinker Colin Wilson, this large, lavishly illustrated volume is a Disneyland-like ride through the energetic fields of the body, the chakras, the endocrine system, a must have for anyone interested in this type of research, mapping out the entire electromagnetic human blueprint. The book had its official launch at the Malvern Theatres, Great Malvern, UK where about 150 people were present to celebrate the event. Paul teaches at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York and the School of Five Element Acupuncture in London. Gaia Books 2006.

The Human Antenna
by Dr. Robin Kelly
What we've always said here for years, the DNA is just like the ruby rod in an old fashion laser, spinning and tuning to the energy of life, guiding our metabolism to align itself with the sea of electromagnetism our consciousness is swimming in. This book takes us once step closer to genuine electro-medicine, the physics of it all, zap a disease, a bacteria, a virus, rather than try to drug it into extinction. Energy Psychology Press/Elite Books 2007.

Science and the Akashic Field
by Ervin Laszlo
The world around you is a big emotion sponge, and everything is one big feedback loop mechanism. The wood, the things, the people, the ground, are all recording devices for your thoughts and feelings. We're all victims and ships and actors into this situation. The Akashic Field is the soul library of the Universe. This is what this book is about, so I hope to be able to sit down and read it soon... Inner Traditions 2004.

The Inflatable Moment: Pneumatics and Protest in '68
by Marc Dessauce

Contains drawings and sketches of architect Jean Aubert's 1967 never realized 5000 spectator traveling theater, 80 meters in diameter, 26 meters high... breaking down into 31 trucks. The weight of the structure would have been 16.5 tons. total weight of all the elements 24.5 tons. I suspect the materials of the day just didn't permit such an extravagance. Material weight and tensile strength have dramatically improved since the 60's, making a structure like Big Igloo, designed for half that size, quite feasible to handle for a 4 or 5 truck team. Princeton Architectural Press 1999.

The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications
by Christian Ratsch, Foreword by Albert Hofmann
If only Terence McKenna had lived to see this! Imagine the glandular electromagnetic blueprint of the effects on the system of each ones of these plants recorded, analyzed and catalogued! Please encourage your local public library reference department to order this encyclopedia. I also found a great 2003 interview with the author in Arthur Magazine. This huge book of 944 pages might spur a whole new breed of gardening enthusiasts. Park Street Press 2005.

Visual Music: Synaesthesia in Art and Music Since 1900
With contributions by Kerry Brougher, Olivia Mattis, Jeremy Strick, Ari Wiseman, Judith Zilczer
I'm curious as to how one can publish such a tome and completely omit the role of Laserium in their exposition. The only mention of lasers that I could find was a rare photograph taken of Iannis Xenakis's Polytope de Cluny in 1972 at the Musee National du Moyen Age in Paris, a green laser installation I witnessed which started me wondering why so little was being done with the laser's potential at the time. Thames&Hudson 2004.

Sonic Graphics: Seeing Sound
by Matt Woolman
Another book dancing around the subject by the same publisher. Thames&Hudson 2002.

Electric Universe
by David Bodanis
Two terrific chapters on electricity in the human body: "Wet Electricity" & "Electric Moods." Not much published mass market in this vein for a couple of years, so nice to see this title on general bookstore shelves. Crown/Random House 2005.

The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe
by Lynne McTaggart
The Field offers a radically new view of the way our world and our bodies work. The human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment, but a packet of pulsating energy constantly interacting with this vast energy sea. Harper Collins UK 2001. Check out the official website created since the 2002 release of the US edition.

Blowup: Inflatable Art, Architecture & Design
by Sean Tophan
The first half of this book reads exactly like the hard copy proposal for Big Igloo with all its images of the original Birdair Radomes, a few of them posted on this website. The book also showcases the work of Nottingham-and-Geneva-based pneumatic artist Alan Parkinson. I was fascinated to discover Frank Lloyd Wright, the godfather of green architects, drew up plans for a Rubber Village of "fiberthin airhouses" for the US Rubber Co. presented at the NY International Home Building Exhibition in 1957. He called them: "transient balloon shelters". Prestel 2002.

The Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit
by Joseph Chilton Pearce
Chapter Three "The Triune Heart: Electromagnetic, Neural, Hormonal" and Four "Fields within Fields: Of Frequencies and Neurons" of this book are a fantastic introduction to the new EM research and technologies that could make Big Igloo the most amazing music space on earth. Unlike other books on this topic which too often limit themselves to biological studies, and fall short of taking into consideration the EM filled space we swim in, this author Joseph Chilton Pearce dives head first into the electromagnetic research also available, making inspiring correlations between the two. It's a wonderful and courageous book. Park Street Press 2002.

Return to Harmony
By Nicole La Voie
I have not seen this book yet, but I just discovered Nicole La Voie's sound therapy work by reading the Jul/Aug 2002 issue of Atlantis Rising magazine. Research has demonstrated a correlation between a specific frequency, and the atomic weight of elements. For instance, the frequency of the note of "C" at the second octave is 65.40 cycles per second (hertz), and the atomic weight of the element of zinc is 65.37. Sound Wave Energy.

The Nature of Music: Beauty, Sound & Healing
by Maureen McCarthy Draper
Brand new 2001 from a Penguin Putnam imprint. A little too enamored with Mozart, the book is more poetry than science but includes interesting chapters on the physical power of music, singing bowls and dissonance. Riverhead Books.

Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics
by Jonathan Goldman
A classic in the genre from 1992, Jon organizes workshops putting into practice all the things he's learned. His new CD The Lost Chord, a nod to the Moody Blues I'm sure, has been #1 on the new age charts. You can listen to Real Player samples off his website.

Sounds of Healing
By Mitchell Gaynor MD
Just discovered this 1999 title at Pymander, my local new age book shop. It relates the author's healing experiences with Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls. I got to try one out in the store. It has an enveloping, booming, all-surrounding sound which impressed me. I had never heard one before. This is something I plan to investigate further and incorporate into Big Igloo. Broadway Books.

The Music of Time
By Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon
Speculation about the influence of music on the nature of time & space by the folks who brought you the Montauk Project conspiracy. Fascinating stories from a 60's recording studio pioneer who reveals his hand in creating the Melotron & the Field Effect Transistor. A glimpse into Big Igloo's potential. SkyBooks 2000.

The Healing Energies of Light
By Roger Coghill
Another beautifully illustrated British trade paperback, from basic to sophisticated scientific and esoteric understanding of light's relationship to life. Journey Editions 2000.

Digital Sensations: Space, Identity, and Embodiment in Virtual Reality
By Ken Hillis
Ken is assistant professor of communications studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His book deals with how the "lived" world is affected by the ever increasing mimicking "reality" of all media, and how the line is getting blurred. I wonder what Ken would make of Big Igloo!!! I just got this 1999 book, so give me a few days to digest it...
University of Minnesota Press

The High-Performance Mind: Mastering Brainwaves for Insight, Healing, and Creativity
by Anna Wise
Wise studied for eight years with C. Maxwell Cade, co-developer of an electroencephalograph, the Mind Mirror EEG, which was specially designed to read the brain waves of those in a meditative state. Continuing Cade's research into brain-wave biofeedback, Wise has become the leading authority on this device. 1997 J.P. Tarcher.


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Older Titles:
(These titles are in no particular order)

Sensory Exotica:  A World Beyond Human Experience 
by Howard C. Hughes

Chapters on animal uses of electricity and magnetism. Great section on how electric fish are dominant in the Amazon and how each species use different frequencies. Electric fish were once used as an early form of shock therapy. MIT Press 1999.

The Energy of Life: The Science of What Makes Our Minds and Bodies Work
by Guy Brown PhD
Came out last year in the UK. This is a new 2000 US edition from Free Press. Half way through it there's a chapter titled Brain Waves, but instead of dealing specifically with Delta-Theta-Alpha-Beta (DTAB), it talks about the author's personal experiences with both PET and MRI scans. Then sort of becomes a self-help book about how to boost your own physical energy level, finishing with a history of man's understanding of electricity in physiology. Sadly it never dives into bioelectromagnetism. Sequel, maybe? As it is, regardless, this book should already be required reading for all high school students. Maybe that way men wouldn't terrorize women in Central Park to cop a feel, learning instead how to charm their pants off, a much more fun and satisfying way to get some, if you ask me!

Energies: An Illustrated Guide to Biosphere and Civilization  
by Vaclav Smil

It got a good review in the May 2000 issue of Fortean Times next to Gary Schwartz's Living Energy Universe, which didn't fend so well. There's a great chapter titled "People & Food" which explains the energy content of food and how it fuels the body. It was interesting to learn that French farmers drinking a bottle of wine a day metabolized one-fifth of their daily food energy intake that way. The energy encyclopedia for grown-ups. It's a MIT Press title. 

The Private Life of the Brain  
by Baroness Susan A. Greenfield
This book was reviewed at length in the weekend edition of the Financial Times. But I couldn't find the review online. For those of you who don't get the pun, the title is a play on words. Remember Monty Python's The Private Life of Brian? There seems to be no relation with the 2001 PBS program by the same name. Penguin 2000 UK. JosseyBass 2001 US.

Electrical Nutrition  
by Denie & Shelley Hiestand

Vegetarians are not going to like this one. It advocates eating red meat again, but from an enlightened perspective, seemingly taking into account many of the issues raised against meat in general. Shame it does not have an index so key words like "mad cow disease", "synthetic hormones" or "organic beef" can be easily found if mentioned in the text. It also blames wheat for a litany of physical problems. A very strange book. It's got a cover by Alex Grey who paints all these wonderful body chakra radiation illustrations. Maybe they're on to something... ShellDen Publishing.

Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume I & II  
by Drunvalo Melchizedek
I was surprised to realize how popular this writer already is and yet I'd never heard of him. Drunvalo seems to have quite an internet presence and I recommend his links page. The book contains a lot on sacred geometry which will come in handy when we program the laser patterns. He's also working on a new website called Ma'at Research focused on revisionist Egyptology. Light Technology Publications.

A Symphony In The Brain: The Evolution of the New Brain Wave Biofeedback
By Jim Robbins
The author of "Last Refuge, American Showdown in the American West", has written (May 2000) a history and update of biofeedback, now referred to as neurofeedback. It picks up where Megabrain left off. Both the website and the book have links worth investigating: A must read for anyone wanting to participate in the evolution of Big Igloo technologies. Studies using neurofeedback in conjunction with Kirlian videography needs to be published. 

The Cycles Of Heaven
By Guy L. Playfair & Scott Hill
Just a little paperback advertised in Omni magazine in 1978. But it changed my life. It brought it all into perspective for me, the cosmic connection between our body, our selves and the radiant energy spectrum. It actually makes a good case over the validity of astrology as a real science through the subtle influence of electromagnetic fields from outer space. We may be what we eat, but we are also what we tune ourselves into. From there I discovered the rest of the body of work described here. 

Health & Light
By Dr. Ott
My copy seems to be missing or I would give you the publishing date. It was a breakthrough book when it came out, early 70's I think. Dr. Ott worked as a documentary film maker for Disney and when he was asked to do stop animation of plant growth, he had to develop an entire protocol of artificial lighting so the plants and flowers he was filming could survive under long and harsh lighting conditions. He invented "full spectrum" lighting and his fluorescent tubes still bear his name. His research spread to animal behavior when he discovered rats living under red lights would be much more aggressive than another group living under blue lights. 

Light: Medicine of the Future
Jacob Liberman Ph.D.
A recent title, which also seems to be missing from my library. Color therapy is still in its infancy. Until specific light frequencies can be matched exactly to their glandular field counterpart to trigger specific hormone releases, it is guess work or wishful thinking at best. Without state-of-the-art SQUID equipment, this research will remain the restricted domain of non-lethal weapon military research. Until civilians like Dr. John Zimmerman can fund their programs,  new age writers will capitalize on what we don't know instead of what we should be studying. 

The Rainbow Book
Edited by F.Lanier Graham
Like the title says. This wonderful 1979 book, actually a soft cover revised edition of a hard cover 1975 book I never saw, is chuck full of modern and ancient art & science illustrations about the rainbow. I wonder if Mariah Carey has this book on her shelf... Never mind. It contained the first chart I ever found over lapping sound waves and light waves, even though I later realized the frequency and color match was upside down, and wrong. But it gave me a historical background of the study of light and its influence on the culture of man.

By Christopher Hills
The author was a cult figure in 1975 when this self-published title appeared in new age bookstores. It contains a lot of charming notions about energy and our place in it, although wanting in a lot of places and limited in depth of scientific substance. But it draws from an immense variety of sources and cooks up a pot-pourri about the effects of radiation on the human form that can't be ignored, despite its sometimes fantasist attitude toward the data. It pointed in the right direction but fell short of its broad stroke ambition.

The Roots Of Consciousness
By Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.
Although this voluminous compilation of writings on the topic was first published in 1975, I only discovered the 1993 revised edition in 1999. Most of what it contains is straight psychedelic psychology from the period, but there are a few hints of the biolelectromagnetic theories to come. If at the time this book had the foresight of combining what was touched on in the three other titles just mentioned, we could have saved twenty years murking in the darkness about the questions it dared to ask.

The Body Electric; Electromagnetism and The Foundation of Life
By Robert O. Becker & Gary Selden
It took ten years for a scientific book to finally appear about the electromagnetic nature of man's nervous system. In 1985 this was a ground breaking book that revolutionized anatomy. All the old repressed ideas of turn of the century electricity pioneers shunned by chemical pharmacology rose again with a vengeance, this time never to lose ground again. I strongly urge anyone interested in the history of electricity in life to discover the Bakken Museum in Minneapolis. It is closely associated with the US Psychotronics Association, an organization dedicated to furthering the inquiry. 

By Michael Hutchison
Michael was the first mainstream journalist in 1986 to tackle the influence of electromagnetic fields on the mind. He capitalized on it with the pricey quarterly Megabrain Report. But his follow up book The Anatomy of Sex & Power was a tremendous disappointment when not a mention of bioelectromagnetic sexual research was made. Michael helped open brain entrainment centers around the country and was a  driving force behind the Tools For Exploration catalog. He recently suffered a serious accident which broke several vertebrae in his neck. He has begun to regain some movement in his arm and legs, but still has little control over his fingers. He did not carry medical insurance and donations can be made to: Desert State Life Management, 320 Central Av. SW, Suite 200, Albuquerque, NM 87102.

Vibrational Medicine
By Richard Gerber
This wonderful 1988 book with the heart shaped Kirlian leaf on the cover was a milestone in opening the medical community to the reality of electromagnetic medicine and its immense potential. Although suppressed researchers like Moray or Rife are not included, who were healing patients with electromagnetic waves years before Pete Townsend of the Who weaned himself of heroin addiction with a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device, you can still feel their influence on the author. It was updated in 1996 and is probably still the best book to give somebody who knows absolutely nothing about the subject and still thinks man is just a bag of water & bones devoid of electrical life.

The Web Of Life
By John Davidson
Reads like the Fantastic Voyage with Raquel Welch. This is the second part of John's Trilogy. The first volume, Subtle Energy, deals specifically with bio-electric fields. The third, Secret Of The Creative Vacuum, with zero-point energy. Released in 1988, the author managed to bring free energy and fringe science out of the shadows. He spends a lot of time in India. Other writers like Brian O'Leary have mirrored his work, consciously or unconsciously. But the source material here is rock solid and if there is one book that can walk you through the endocrine dance, this is it. His store The Wholistic Research Company is in Hatfield, Herts., England. The publisher is the C.W. Daniel Company

Electromagnetic Man
by Cyril Smith & Simon Best
While the Zapping of America by Paul Brodeur in 1977 was pure techno-paranoia about the influence of microwaves on the brain, this British book 12 years later in 1989 had a much more comprehensive perspective on the subject, not so alarmist, yet sharpening the notion that we are at the mercy of a gigantic electronic smog experiment some people, more or less sensitive or allergic to certain fields, may suffer from. There have been many books on the harmful effects of what Big Igloo wants to exploit. Few on the positive applications. This book refreshed the overly pessimist Brodeur outlook. The book has since spawned a newsletter.

Mind, Body & Electromagnetism
By John Evans
A simple book, but for the first time in 1986 linked scientifically ancient Chinese CHI medicine like acupuncture points with glandular bioelectromagnetic fields, opening the door for the quantum leaps that followed. Despite these well researched and substantial works, medical schools took their time coming around. A major breakthrough was the movie Brainstorm with Chris Walken shot at Duke University in 1983. It brought to light the reality of this research to an unsuspecting public who, unless they had been reading science fiction all along, had no clue the brain was an electrical bundle.

Kundalini Tales
By Richard Sauder, Ph.D.
I'm going to get flack for listing this 1998 title, but so what. Yes, it's about rumored mind control experiments on unsuspecting civilians. But it's got so much great technical information about how this could or is being done, I can't omit it from this selection. Check out the Adventures Unlimited catalog for more books along those lines. Sort wheat from chaff and come out of the experience much the wiser. These are a great bunch of guys after the ultimate truth, the closest you'll come to the real X-Files in this dimension, who travel the four corners of the world for the most bizarre Fortean information.

Music, The Brain & Ecstasy
By Robert Jourdain
Go to a new age bookstore and you'll find dozens of titles on the effects of music on the mind, the body, and the soul. But none are as specific, well researched, and precise as this one. I plan to track down Robert and recruit him for the Big Igloo project, drag him if I have to. Healing through music has too often been the refuge of untalented musicians with aspirations extending their grasp who mesmerize ripe for the picking gullible audiences into beatifically listening to less than inspired compositions. But this book escapes this pigeon hole.

Infinite Mind; Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness
By Dr. Valerie Hunt
Valerie is asking the right questions, although I don't think her research is credible. I would not go as far as saying she falsifies data for fear of getting sued for slander, but let's just say she's more about showmanship than about genuine scientific results. She wants to believe she has the hardware to record what she claims she is monitoring. But nothing so far has convinced me of it. But you be the judge. I have not read this book. But if what is in it is true, then Big Igloo is an assured success. I want to trust, I really, really do, but Valerie, you must show me.

Electromagnetism & The Sacred
By Lawrence W. Fagg
Another simple book, a nice primer, one that is full of gems like: "Whenever any electrically charged body is accelerated, it radiates" or quoting Teilhard de Chardin: "Matter is spirit moving slowly enough to be seen". Written in 1999, by are retired research professor in nuclear physics, it proves there is hope for humanity yet to finally "get it". Yet another: "In Islamic literature stories are common about cats who respond to the presence of grace." Reason enough for a modern day church of light!

- Photo Courtesy David Gleason -

Electric UFOs; Fireballs, Electromagnetics and Abnormal States
By Albert Budden
This 1998 book is hell bent on proving all UFOs are the product of natural electromagnetic phenomena. If you get past that, it's another great body of research about the effects of electromagnetism on states of consciousness. Keep the baby, throw out the bath water. Trust me, Wackenhut would not have shoot to kill orders at Area 51 if they weren't keeping a few crashed saucers around! Maybe...

Teach Yourself Electricity & Electronics
By Stan Gibilisco
It's huge, it's daunting! It's revised and updated often! But it's in fact the best short course on getting a grip if you missed out on "shop" in high school. Stan is an old friend. We spent many a night in South Beach pondering the mysteries of life. He has a wonderful open mind, and an immense capacity for writing technical manuals that are comprehensible to the layman. The day will come when I will have to sit down and read this book cover to cover. I'm actually looking forward to it, but it won't happen I'm afraid until Big Igloo gets the money it needs.

By Jaako Malmivuo & Robert Plonsey
The first book of its kind. A very technical 1995 text book level entry into the field for medical students. It sits on my desk wondering when I'll have a week to digest it without interruptions. It describes in detail all the applications of bioelectromagnetic equipment in modern medicine, in hospitals and emergency interventions, from heart monitoring equipment to magnetic resonance. It puts into medical perspective all the "speculative" new age work. It legitimizes the field. The
International Journal Of Bioelectromagnetism, edited by the authors, has a fresh and impressive online presence. The Bioelectromagnetics Society is an older organization you might want to drop into, although their approach is a bit jaded.

Enchanted Looms; Conscious Networks in Brains and Computers
By Rodney Cotterill
I've only just received this amazing 1998 work. Although it is not composed of hard core electromagnetic data, it appears to abide by the philosophy that bioelectromagnetism is an extreme factor in consciousness. How it will fit in the Big Igloo ambitions of influencing audience consciousness for entertainment purposes is yet to be defined. But I plan to read this book in the near future and make the connections. Praised by the Journal of Consciousness Studies as: "clarifying the hundreds of threads making up the tapestry of current neuroscience." Cambridge University Press 2000.

Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness
By William A. Tiller, Ph.D.
From 1997, this book comes the closest to a modern approach to the necessary technology to make Big Igloo a reality. It gets specific about the frequencies of chakras, endocrine relationships and radiation patterns, absorption spectra of biomolecules. The kind of book Valerie Hunt's Infinite Mind aspires to. I might suggest looking in Biophotonics magazine for additional data. Every laserist should read this book to get into the mood.

The Living Energy Universe
By Gary E.R. Schwartz, Ph.D., & Linda G.S. Russek
Just published in 1999, this book generalizes what we are studying with a new age twist. I have not mentioned the word "Love" yet on this website, because it detracts from the materialism of the technology. But the world is "Love" and this book reminds us that what we are doing is dissecting the life force so we can learn how to respect it even more. I want to find the time to read this wonderful book. So much to read, so little time...

Esoteric Anatomy
By Bruce Burger
This book is really about massage. But it incorporates a lot of the endocrine/chakra techniques which Big Igloo aims to manipulate through light radiation by applying the same knowledge for tactile stimulation. One of the first book of its kind really written for that healing community. Polarity therapy comes of age with this manual.

The Brain Encyclopedia
By Carol Turkington
Only because it has a great resource in the back of professional and government organizations associated with brain research and medicine. This 1996 title had its first paperback edition in 1999, I expect updated. It will enable the Big Igloo Project to contact many people in the field. Another invaluable reference title from Facts On File.

The Physics of Love, The Ultimate Universal Laws
By Dale Pond
Compiled by Dale back in 1996, it has a lot of wonderful graphics inspired by John Keely and Nikola Tesla with a turn-of-the-century flair about the links between musical notation and colors. A wonderful inspiration for possible laser patterns and tuning algorithms, but the formulations need to be juxtaposed with today's knowledge of bioelectromagnetism. 

The Science Of Love, Understanding Love & Its Effects on Mind & Body
By Anthony Walsh, Ph.D.
This is a 1991 Prometheus title. Prometheus has a reputation for publishing "skeptic" literature. The book is all chemical, and when I contacted the author about applying his expertise to research bioelectromagnetic connections between chemical and electrical reactions in physiology, he showed no interest.

Molecules of Emotions, Why You Feel The Way You Feel
By Candace B.Pert, Ph.D.
With a foreword by Deepak Chopra, this again is 95% biochemical, 5% bioelectromagnetic. There's even a rainbow on the cover, yet no serious effort was made to bridge the two. A great 30 page guide of bodymind resources. Too bad that for all it's insight, this 1997 book fails to bring neuroscience into electronic 21st Century!

Zen & The Brain
By James H. Austin, M.D.
Here again, 95% Chem - 5% Bem. This 1998 magnum opus, from MIT no less, 844 pages long, is an all encompassing assessment of Zen philosophy in context with modern neurophysiology. It is fascinating in its detail, but fails to touch on the very essence of Zen's link to quantum physics the way Fritjof Capra did in his Tao of Physics. A lot of this physics/mind research is being done without being published in conventional books. One of the leaders of this movement,
Jack Sarfatti
, can only be read on the Internet. His ongoing discussion list is surely the best forum on the topic, if you can handle the mathematics.

A General Theory Of Love
By Thomas Lewis, M.D., Fari Amini, MD & Richard Lannon, M.D.
The authors are from the University of California San Francisco Medical School. If you substitute their word "limbic resonance" for telepathy or bioelectromagnetics, you get quite a groundbreaking 2000 book. They have a website at but it seems nobody is paying much attention to it. The text is more about maternal love than the actual physiology of love, but still full of interesting quotes and observations. It ends with a lambaste against psychotherapy. It's on Random House.

Minds Behind The Brain: A History of the Pioneers and their Discoveries
By Stanley Finger Ph.D.
From Oxford Press. This 2000 history book has a wonderful chapter on Luigi Galvani: Electricity and the Nerves. Also on the work of Herbert Gasser & Joseph Erlanger using their early cathode ray tube multistage amplifier to record the messages from the phrenic nerve of a dog in 1921. Dr. Finger is professor of psychology at Washington University and president of the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences.

Connecting With Our Spiritual Intelligence
By Danah Zohar & Dr. Ian Marshall
A book on this topic endorsed by a VP of strategy for McDonalds Corporation on the back flap gives me the creeps. I see little or no spiritual value in synthetic burger meat while all efforts to pressure McDonalds into introducing a vegetarian, let alone hemp burgers outside India franchises has fallen on Ronald's deaf ears! But this book does have a terrific chapter on the prevalence of 40Hz neural oscillations and the work done by Rodolpho Llinas at the New York School of Medicine. This 2000 title has just been published by Bloomsbury.

What Emotions Really Are
By Paul E. Griffiths
A 1997 psychology book. I have not looked at it enough yet to comment.

How Emotions Work
By Jack Katz
Same here. A 1999 title I have yet had time to review.

On The Emotions
By Richard Wollheim
A 1999 sociological historical account...

The Physics of Consciousness
By Evan Harris Walker Ph.D.
This new 2000 title from Perseus Books draws on quantum physics, Zen philosophy and electron tunneling through the brain. The author is founder and director of the Walker Cancer Institute. A web search for the author's background led me to this page by Tony Smith on Quantum Consciousness which is quite impressive.

The Feeling Of What Happens, Body & Emotion in the Making of Consciousness
By Antonio Damasio
Despite being devoid of bioelectromagnetic content, this 1999 title by noted neurologist author of Descartes's Error is another on my must read list.

A Primer of Psychophysiology
By James Hassett
Actually found that one at a book sale for a quarter! Written in 1978 and filled with penciled notes, it made me aware this science actually had a "name". I have yet to do an Internet search with the work psychophysiology, but I expect it will yield a lot of the answers I seek as well as fill in the blanks left by the more new age, more poetic titles in the field. To turn Big Igloo into a reality we are going to need hard data on the bioelectromagnetics of conscious and unconscious states. Frankly I can't wait for Dr. Persinger to finally write a "real" book!!!

Resonance, Newsletter of the Bioelectromagnetics SIG
Edited by Judy Wall
I'm giving you the address on this one because it's not an easily found book, it's a self-published little Mensa newsletter published by a woman in Florida who has for many years collected this type of information. She has 35 issues so far. You can order back issues  by contacting Judy at 684 C.R. 535, Sumterville, FL 33585 or call her at 352-603-1829.

The Complete Book of Color
By Suzy Chiazzari
Just like it says. A table top book from the Barnes & Noble imprint compiled with the home and interior designer in mind. But it has a few really nicely produced pages on healing with color including some really practical illustrations like the one below.

Illustration by Alex Grey

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