Four Days Scouting in LA - Sept. 8 thru 12, 2006


- Jon Mack, Big Igloo's MC, standing in front of the Pacific Design Center on Melrose in Los Angeles -
- Jon and Bernie in front of the 3-D movie festival poster on Hollywood Blvd.-
- Jon took this picture of me as I snuck around through the cactus looking for my mind -
- This "Toaster" was parked just around the corner from NRDC... yep, just like mine! Love the white walls! -
- Photographer Beau Away and Jon in her kitchen a few minutes after our shoot -
- Jon mugging for the camera in some Hollywood Blvd. clothing store, definitely NOT sustainable fashion! -

- With Xavier at The Baked Potato in North Hollywood, Auradrone's bass player -

- Jon's dead pet roach lying in wake under her bed -
- ... at The Baked Potato -

- ... on the patio -

- The terrace outside Cafe Vienna on Melrose Blvd. where all the rockers hang out for lunch and dinner -

- The little stinky man inside the bathroom at Cafe Vienna -

- The American Apparel factory in the heart of South Central LA -

- The tiki bar inside JetBlue at JFK airport, terminal 6 -

- Just in case... -

- JetBlue doesn't serve food on board the plane... -
- ...instead, they serve health foods to go in all their terminals -

- Dawn at Jon's -

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