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Since the meltdown of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactors in Japan, our country is experiencing a re-awakening of its anti-nuclear movement. Many are coming together around Indian Point as a first priority, organizing events and rallies throughout the tri-state area.

To join their ongoing efforts please visit their facebook page:
Shut Down Indian Point Now

Sign Riverkeeper Petition: Tell the NRC to Close the Indian Point power plant

Sign NIRS Petition: Post-Fukushima Program for Increased Nuclear Security and Safety

Sign MoveOn Petition: Citizens Demand To Close Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Rock The Reactors & other anti-nuclear organizations held the C.A.N. Coalition Against Nukes rally on Pier 95 October 1st, 2011 in Manhattan.
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Les Femmes De FEMEN
Riverkeeper Indian Point Oct 13th 2011 Fundraiser
Coalition Against Nukes NYC Oct 1st 2011 Rally
Rally to Shut Down Indian Point at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
Riverkeeper Bus Trip to NRC Indian Point Meeting
Rock The Reactors quoted on the Gothamist
Deepak Chopra takes on Indian Point at ABC Home
Rock The Reactors in BlackBook
Rock The Reactors at Bedford2020
Rainforest Action Network Benefit NYC and other strangeness
Indian Point Celebrates Earth Day
Greening Our Children at the Greenwich Country Club
Bridgeport, UN & Christie's Green Auction
Green Living Guy Interview Rock The Reactors
Rock The Reactors At NOW Showcase
Rock The Reactors Goes To San Francisco
Green Spaces Opens on Broadway
Project Green Search in Hollywood
Global Green Sustainable Design Awards
Betcee May Leads Jim Beam Puppy Commercial
Green Market Exposition at the Barnum Museum
The Anti-Nuke Walkway Over The Hudson
RTR Girl Invades The Malls of America!
Andy Neal Readys The Final Assault

LIT in Woodstock
Rock The Reactors Goes To Bedford
IREO Renewable Energy Award at the UN
Harvey Wasserman at the Beacon Institute
Anti-Nuclear Tesla Motors Takes Manhattan By Storm
Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award
Earth Awards at the Four Seasons in New York City
Lexus Hybrid Living & Conde Nast Celebrate Waterkeeper
Darren Moore Wears RTR T-Shirt at Coco Eco Magazine Launch Party
Rockland Farm Alliance Meeting at Pomona Fire Training Center
The Sierra Club BeEcoChic Gala
Garden Dreams at Camp Hill Farm
Lower East Side Penthouse green fashion... hope for the Nation!

The Birth of Rock The Reactors - April 2006
Gearing Up for the Vibes - Lots of cool shots!
Rock The Reactors Benefit at the Colony Cafe in Woodstock
Singing in the rain at the '08 Clearwater Festival

Rally at Hiro Ballroom - Was Held Bastille Day 2010
Breast Cancer Mortality Maps :: Cornell U.


In June 2006, at the Clearwater Festival, a yet to be elected Congressman John Hall made a pirate's pact with Rock The Reactors, promising that the day we shut down Indian Point, Betcee May will flip the switch for the media at the shut down ceremony. If you still want to see that happen now that John is no longer in Congress, keep supporting RTR and the 158 contentions filed by IPSEC member organizations opposing the NRC's relicensing of Indian Point.

Rock The Reactors has official Headquarters at The Aquarium, 10 Wall Street, Norwalk, CT

in her address before Deloitte's Annual Energy Conference - APRIL 20,2009

“Today’s state petition puts the well-being of the community surrounding Indian Point, and that of all New Yorkers, first by blocking renewal of Indian Point's licenses unless the plant addresses longstanding environmental and safety concerns. The petition's filing moves us closer to the day when our energy and power needs will be met by sources that are safe, efficient, economic and environmentally sound.” --- New York Governor David A. Paterson


Mother's Milk Project
Lactating Mothers Invited to Provide Milk Samples!

Nancy Burton, of Mothball Millstone, is spearheading with others in Fairfield, Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties a project to sample mother's milk for possible traces of strontium-90 and other radionuclides which may be linked to Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in Buchanan, New York.

Press Conference:
Held Thursday, June 5th 2008
from the day)

Press Release
WBAI interview (MP3)

How the BIG BOYS stole the grassroots!
Rock The Reactors presents Richard Duffee for Congress
Rock The Reactors link to the Ani DiFranco, Pete Seeger & friends event at the Riverspace Theatre in Nyack, NY on Jan 18th 2008.

This event was hosted by the Sierra Club NYC Group

Indian Point Debate 30 March 2009 - Garnerville NY

New Paltz rally May 8th, 2011: Mothers and Others United to Shut Down Indian Point

NYC Greendrinks :: Every Second Tuesday

On March 30th 2006, the Albany Times Union quoted then Democratic candidate for governor Eliot Spitzer calling for a bigger, tougher environmental policy that would include closing the Indian Point nuclear plant. New York's new governor called for more incentives towards renewable energy such as solar, hydro and wind power, and said the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Westchester County should be closed as soon as replacement power can be found for the 2,000 megawatts it produces.

So why is ACE NY now planning to provide 3000 megawatts of wind power to the state of New York in "addition" to nuclear power, rather than "instead" of... and ex-Governor Spitzer not speak out?

If every New York resident opted to purchase Green Power on their utility bill, NYISO (New York Independent System Operator), the caretakers of the electricity grid, would have no other choice but to disconnect Indian Point from their transmission lines. In addition, the commercialization of ultra-efficient Light Emitting Diode light bulbs could, in a matter of months, provide New York state with all baseload replacement power he requires.

Blogs & ListServs:
EndIndianPoint ~ No New Nukes
~ NukeNet ~ CTSOS

Energy Justice Network  
Week of Action

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Giorgio Finamore
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Rock The Reactors & The Coalition for One Voice
Held Oct 15th - Spirit NYC

See Photos and Watch Vlogs

A little Vlog memento from Bastille Day in Woodstock


Clearwater 07:: Vlog
Assault on the Paramount :: Vlog

John Hall :: Swearing In
(pix & vlog)
John Hall :: Colbert Report  YouTube
wait till the end... Indian Point blows up!

Sotheby's Art Auction
Benefit For Riverkeeper

Was held MONDAY OCT 30TH 2006 6:30PM
See Vlogs: Part 1 - Part 2 :: Read Press Release


On November 7th 2006, John Hall was elected Congressman in the 19th District of New York State, the district the Indian Point nuclear power plant is located in.

Congressman Hall performed at the 1979 No Nukes concert in Battery Park where half a million people gathered in support of an immediate shut down of Indian Point. 27 years later, NUKE FREE is born.

On March 2nd 2007, there was a Town Meeting of all Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC) member organizations at Pace University.

The Greenwich Audubon Center in Connecticut is offering to host an Indian Point awareness raiser. For more information, contact Nancy Burton at the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone.

The Environmentals

Support The Environmentals:
"Pose with a Nuke"
Contribute art work & photographs
to bring national attention
to the nuclear waste, safety
and sanity issue.

- Betcee May Lindstrom -

- Betcee Bomb Poster -
- Betcee Heyoka Interview -

Rock the Reactors would like to thank Betcee May Lindstrom for her invaluable contribution to the launch of this campaign. We wish her the best in all her green endeavors.

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- Katie the Goat - The Vlog
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Illustration- Justin Teodoro

More Rock The Reactors Affiliated or Attended Events:


April 18, 2006

Party - Park NYC - Held Thursday Nov 9th 2006
Red Room Pix & Vlog

Solar Living Institute visits ABC Home :: Vlog
Something about the Sun :: YouTube

CT Green Party & Diane Farrell
Press Release & Vlog

Cell-nique's Evening of Sacred Sounds and Peaceful Intentions
Was held FRIDAY OCTOBER 27TH 2006 7 P.M. 11 P.M.
SPIRIT 530 W 27th NYC $20
Net proceeds benefit PEACE X PEACE

John Hall Benefit :: Bonnie Raitt & The Mammals
Was held WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 18TH 2006 7:30PM
Tarrytown Music Hall - Press Release

Clearwater Sloop Indian Point Sail Held Sunday, August 27, 2006 Verplanck, NY
View the Vlog :: WMV
(PDF Invitation)

Helen Caldicott - Read report - Held Sunday September 17, 2006 2:30 pm
Unitarian Church, White Plains, NY

Riverkeeper Waterfest Day! With Robert Kennedy Jr. Held SUNDAY OCT 8TH 2006 1PM
Big Apple Splash-Hudson River Float - Pier 96 North Cove Marina NYC

Gandalf Murphy and  The Slambovian Circus of Dreams
Held SATURDAY OCTOBER 7TH 2006 9PM Acoustic Cafe, Bridgeport, CT

Fairfield County, Green Ham in a Nuke Sandwich!
 Nancy Burton & Helen Caldicott

Pro-IP Shutdown Candidates were...

A No-Nukes Day at the Clearwater Festival (slide show)
John Hall For Congress Proposes Indian
Point Alternative Energy Center

The Ballad of Betcee May Carries on Eco-Chick
Betcee May Saga Continues on Know Nuke
A Message from Remy & Betcee on MySpace
The Environmentals :: Nukes & Models
Proposition One Anti-Nuke Website Directory
Rock The Reactors in Fairfield Weekly
United States Reactor Information

SolarOne's CitySol (slide show)
Raising Minnesota (slide show)

Betcee at Indian Point
Pictures from Pömed
RadWaste Directory
Vermont Yankee

Final Case for Closure
and Decommissioning

(Word File 1MB)

"I am down with ending nukes-it's part of my long term game plan for a green empire to see all nuclear plants world wide replaced with wind, solar, and tidal energy..." - John Roulac, Nutiva

Wetlands Preserved Ziegfeld Premiere



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